Praise them up to the 9s and they’ll do more.

There’s no profit in the anger business

Monroe, (TV Show: The Last Tycoon)

Berlin Weekend

With the corona virus at the top of international news outlets agenda, my family were delighted to hear I was hopping on a plane for the weekend 40 minutes to Berlin the weekend before it went into lock-down. I’ve been looking forward to this before the outbreak of Corona virus was reported in Europe. I…

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Chiara Ferragni

She is the first fashion influencer in the world. A women who started her career in blogging as a teenager, grew her name and businesses into a global empire. The digital revolution has changed the business world, communication, fashion and culture. Chiara is leading the way in connecting with her followers and customers, with over…

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Chasing the Northern Lights

In late January 2020, I flew to Tromsø, the highest city in Norway to have a cathedral, university, research institutes… and some other things. I was there for six days and though the idea was to see the northern lights, I ended up seeing much more. Firstly, unfortunately to announce to all you hopefuls, we…

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Living without colour is living without love – and I truly believe that.

Kelly Wearstler

Sara Blakley, SPANX

In the beginning… Sara was selling fax machines door-to-door in her mid-twenties, people pushing her out, slamming doors, not taking her seriously. She quickly realised this was not the life she expected. She decided she was going to innovate and start a business, not sure what that business would be, she opened her eyes and…

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